Saturday, September 11, 2010


Photography starts MONDAY SEPTEMBER 13th.

Some photos from camera prep/organizing/packing:

gear overflow in our hallway (and this still isn't all of it!):

cycling battery belts:

LOMO anamorphic square front lens kit; 35mm, 50mm, 80mm:

GH13 Handheld config; Hot Rod PL, RedRock support gear/mattebox, 35mm LOMO

GH13 'Studio' config; Hot Rod PL, RedRock FF/Mattebox, 80mm LOMO (not pictured: Manfrotto 510 head on O'Connor 25L sticks)


  1. Awesome lenses - they get fantastic results and make me jealous. I'm curious - what brand/model SD Memory card are you guys using in the GH1 that can handle the kind of bandwidth necessary for the HD hack?

  2. Sorry we missed your comment! The lenses are indeed awesome and we've really been dependent on them for the feel/style we're going for with the film. We've been using Panasonic class 6 and class 10 SD cards for the shoot. They've been reliable and we haven't had any failures the whole time.